M.Phil. Students

Name of the Student Topic of Research Name of the Supervisor Registration Date Year
1 Mohd. Arquam Mohammad Ishaque Bhatti His Contribution to the Translation of Arabic Biographies into Urdu Prof M N Khan 24.08.2015 2015
2 Noor Anzar Analytical Study of Al-Faruq Umar by Haikal Dr Mujeeb Akhtar 24.08.2015 2015
3 Sultan Ahmad Role of Arabic Language in Egyptia Revolution in 20th Century Dr Mujeeb Akhtar 25.08.2015 2015
4 Mohd Manazir Ahsan Halhis la-al-Mutawaal by Abdul Hasan Sialkoti Prof M N Khan 27.08.2015 2015
5 MD Toufeeq Mohammad Rabe Hasani & His Contribution to Arabic Literature Dr Mohammad Akram 22.09.2015 2015
6 MD Yahya Madrasa Ausiya: An Introduction & Characteristics Dr Naimul Hasan 11.08.2016 2016
7 MD Shafeeq Ur Rahman Ahmad Shawqi: His Contribution to Prose Literature Dr S Hasnain Akhtar 11.08.2016 2016
8 Imtiyaz Ahmad Curriculums of Arabic Language in Bihar Madarsa Education Board: A Review Dr Mujeeb Akhtar 11.08.2016 2016
9 Hamid Mukhtar Role of the Magazine Al Dhiya in the Development of Arabic Language in India with Special Reference to the Articles of Masood Nadawi Dr Mujeeb Akhtar 11.08.2016 2016
10 Ashique Elahi Ghadah Ahmad Al-Samman: Her Contribution to Arabic Novel Dr Mohammad Akram 11.08.2016 2016
11 Seraj Ahmad Anis Mansoor: His Contribution to Short Story Prof M N Khan 12.08.2016 2016
12 MD Zafar Yunus Domah Wud Hamid of Al Tayeb Saleh: An Analytical Study Dr S Hasnain Akhtar 12.08.2016 2016
13 Abdul Mobeen Ilyas Farkooh: His Contribution to Short Story Dr Mohammad Akram 12.08.2016 2016
14 Mohd Salman Tareekhi Be Qalami: An Autobiography of “Nabawiyya Musa” Prof Wali Akhtar 16.08.2016 2016