Ph.D. Students

Name of the Student Topic of Research Name of the Supervisor Registration Date Year
1 Farid Ahmad "A Comparative Study of Arabic and Urdu Journalism in India (1960-2010) Prof M N Khan 24.09.2012 2012
2 Shoukath Ali CV "Nationalism in the Poetry of Ahmad Shouqi and Hafiz Ibrahim: A Comparative Study" Prof M N Khan 26.11.2012 2012
3 Naushad MC "Contributions of Makhdoom Family of Kerala to Arabic Literature" Prof Wali Akhtar 03.12.2012 2012
4 Zahid Amin "Vision of Exile in Iraqi Poetry with Special reference to the Poet Yahya Abbas Abud-al-samawi" Prof Wali Akhtar 11.11.2014 2014
5 Mohd Jalaluddin "Contribution of Al-Sheikh all al-Tantawi in the field of Literature and Journalism" Dr Naimul Hasan 07.11.2014 2014
6 MD Azmatullah "A Comparative and Analytical Study of the Patriotic Poetry of Hafiz Ibrahim and Allama Iqbal" Dr Naimul Hasan 11.11.2014 2014
7 Zaheer Ahmed "India's Cultural and Literary Relations with the Arab World after Independence: A Chronological Study" Prof M N Khan 11.11.2014 2014
8 Asim Akhtar "Writings of Abd Al-Mun'im al-Namir on the History of Islam in India: A Critical Study" Porf M N Khan 12.11.2014 2014
9 Hafizur Rahman Life of Mohammad Ziyaur Rahman Al-Azami and His Contribution to Hadeeth Literature and Its Sciences (A Critical Study) Dr Mohammad Akram 11.12.2015 2015
10 Asif Iqbal The Impact of Arabic Language on the writings of Shaikh Saadi With Special references to "Gulistan and Bastan" Dr Naimul Hasan 11.12.2015 2015
11 Mohd Ateeque Nadvi Contribution of Wafa Abdul Razzaq to Arabic Novels (A Critical and Analytical Study of her selected Novels) Dr Mujeeb Akhtar 14.12.2015 2015
12 Shamim Akhtar Contribution of Carl Brockelmann to Arabic Literature and Islamic History : An Analytical Study" Prof M N Khan 14.12.2015 2015
13 Md Reyazul Haque Contribution of abdul Wahhab Mutawe to Development of Arabic fiction : An Analytical Study Prof Wali Akhtar 18.12.2015 2015
14 Ghayasul Islam Siddiqui Contribution of Indian Scholars to the Development of Arabic Language and Literature from 1920 to 2010 Prof M N Khan 16.12.2015 2015
15 Mohammad Nematullah The Use of Poetry as Explanatory in Tafseer of at-Tabari (A Representative Study) Dr S Hasnain Akhtar 18.12.2015 2015
16 Mohammad Fariz M Women Contribution to Arabic Literature in UAE with Special Reference to Basema Younes and Sheika Al Nakhi Dr Naimul Hasan 18.10.2016 2016
17 Mohd Azhar Contemporary Female Novelists of Saudi Arabic (A Critical and Analytical Study) Dr S Hasnain Akhtar 19.10.2016 2016
18 Bilal Ahmad Shah Contribution of Muflih Al-Adwan to the Modern Arabic Literature (An Analytical Study) Dr Naimul Hasan 20.10.2016 2016
19 Mohd Zahid Mustafa Mahmud : His Contribution to the Arabic Literature & Islamic Studies Dr Naimul Hasan 20.10.2016 2016
20 Obaidullah Abdul Al-Salam Al-Ujaili and His Contribution to Arabic Fiction : An Analytical Study Dr Mohammad Akram 21.10.2016 2016
21 Tayyab Unnisa “Resistance Poetry of Fadwa Tuqan and Faiz Ahmed Faiz: A Comparative Study” Dr S Hasnain Akhtar 21.10.2016 2016
22 Abdur Rahman Women As Depicted in the Stories of Sana Shaalan Dr Mohammad Akram 21.10.2016 2016
23 Mohd Nawaz Khan “Contribution of Muhammad Qutb to Arabic Language : A Critical Study” Dr Mujeeb Akhtar 24.10.2016 2016
24 Zubair Alam Editing of Arabic Manuscripts in India : A Critical Study Dr S Hasnain Akhtar 25.10.2016 2016
25 Mohd Sanaullah Mohammad Salmawy and His Dramas : An Analytical Study Prof Wali Akhtar 01.11.2016 2016
26 MD Yahya Mohammad Mustafa Al-Azmi: Life and Works in Arabic Language Dr Mujeeb Akhtar 27.02.2018 2018
27 Jamal Ahmad The Role of Kuwaiti Women in Enrichment of Arabic Prose in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century Dr Mohammad Akram 27.02.2018 2018
28 Merja Ahmad Nabil Farouk & His Contribution to the Detective Literature with Special Reference to His Series “The Man of Impossible” Prof Wali Akhtar 27.02.2018 2018
29 MD Shaban Children’s Literature in Algeria Dr Asghar Mahmood 27.02.2018 2018
30 Priti Bhartiya Glimpses of Humanity and Realism in the Novels of Muhammad Abdul Halim Abdullah and Munshi Premchand: A Comparative Study Dr S Hasnain Akhtar 27.02.2018 2018